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2019 年 3 月 24 日,以太币交易总额为 1,770,412 ETH ,比前日下降 1000.96%;日活跃用户量 145,056,比前日下降 2.16%;新增合约 41,409 个,比前日上升  72.98%;平均交易费用为 10.90 GWEI,比前日下降 0.51%;最活跃合约为 YUN PLANET (YUN);通证代币交易总额为 333,440 个,比前日下降 11.76%。



根据 Hootsuite 的一项最新研究,南非已成为加密货币采用方面的领先力量,其拥有加密货币的互联网用户在世界上排名第一。与该国 10.7% 的互联网用户拥有加密货币相比,你这名你这名知名度较高的国家的数据包括瑞士 7%、韩国 6.3%、美国 5.3%、日本 4.3%。你这名你这名表现最好的国家就有发展中国家,如泰国的采用率为9.78%,印度尼西亚的采用率为9.3%。南非的采用率是全球平均数 5.5% 的两倍。

Recent Survey Shows South Africa Leads the World in Crypto Adoption

According to a recent study by Hootsuite, South Africa has emerged as a leading force in crypto adoption as it ranks first in the world for the highest percentage of internet users who own cryptocurrencies. 10.7% of internet users in the country own cryptos as compared to some of the more well known names such as Switzerland at 7%, South Korea at 6.3%, the U.S at 5.3% and Japan at 4.3%. Some of the other top performers are likewise developing nations, with Thailand boasing 9.78% adoption and Indonesia having a rate of 9.3%. Adoption in South Africa is twice the global average of 5.5%.



一位 Reddit 用户遇到了一群伪装成中央情报局(CIA)的加密货币诈骗者。你你这名 骗局的目的是欺骗受害者,让一帮人认为我人个参与了全球范围内的一齐大型联邦犯罪。该邮件还声称,受害者属于全球恋童癖名单的每种人,其中 10000 多人已被逮捕。否则,诈骗者要求价值 100000 美元的比特币作为条件,以从案件档案中删除我人个的完全信息。邮件还建议受害者从 Coinbase、Bitstamp 或 Coinmama 购买比特币。这与几只月前盛行一时的“比特币性侵犯”骗局(要求 10000 美元的赎金)非常同类。

Crypto Scammers Target Investors With Fake Emails From CIA

A reddit user has come across a group of cryptocurrency scammers posing as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The idea of the scam is to fool the victim into thinking that they're a part of a large federal crime on a global scale. The mail would also claim that the victim is a part of a global paedophile list, of which more than 2,000 individuals have already been arrested. The scammer would then demand $10,000 worth of Bitcoin to remove the individual's details from the case files. The mail also advises victims to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase, Bitstamp, or Coinmama. This is very similar to the ‘Bitcoin sextortion’ scam which was popular a few months ago, demanding a $2,000 ransom.



印度加密货币交易所 Coindcx 推出该国第一个多多加密货币借贷平台。一帮人原困敲定为 5 种加密货币提供借贷服务,选着在交易所保存加密货币的用户都时需赚取利息。该平台目前可支持比特币, 泰达币, 币安币, 瑞波币和以太币,其中比特币以 2% 的利息居首。贷款服务包括四种 期限,分别为两天、1两天和1000天。利率每月变化高达2%。在试行阶段,交易所成功实现了 120 个用户和 120 个 BTC 的流通。一旦成功推出该平台, Coindcx 将增加更多的货币种类。与此一齐,印度的加密货币市场仍然悬而未决,原困政府预计下周将出台相关法规。

Indian Exchange Launches Country's First Crypto Lending Platform

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Coindcx has launched the country's first crypto lending platform. They've announced a lending service for 5 cryptocurrencies, and users who choose to hold their crypto with the exchange can earn interest. It is being made available for BTC, USDT, BNB, XRP, and ETH, with Bitcoin having the highest interest of 2%. The lending service includes three windows of 7 days, 15 days, and 1000 days. Interest rate varies dynamically up to 2% per month. The exchange successfully achieved 120 users and circulation of 120 BTC on the trial run. Upon successful launch, Coindcx would add more coins. Meanwhile, the crypto market in India remains in limbo as the government is expected to come up with regulations next week.



原困目前非要 基本指标或技术指标能真正地影响加密货币价格,目前大每种市场走势是由加密货币社区的情绪推动的。对你这名情绪指标的检查显示,社区总体情绪有所改善,对于你这名重点项目的态度从中性转向积极。其中围绕比特币的情绪否则轻微地从中性转为中性偏上,但以太坊、瑞波币、比特币现金、柚子币和恒星币都显示出从中性向积极的转变,且大多数表现出积极情绪继续上升的明显迹象。

Overall Crypto Market Sentiment Shifting From Neutral to Positive

With no current fundamental or technical indicators really affecting the price of cryptocurrencies, much of the current market movement is driven by sentiment in the crypto community. A check in on some of the sentiment indicators show an overall improvement in sentiment, which attitudes shifting from neutral to positive for many top projects. While the sentiment around Bitcoin has only slightly shifted from neutral to neutral rise, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Stellar Lumens all show a shift from neutral to positive, with most showing clear signs of positive sentiment continuing to rise.



Ameer Rosic

Blockgeeks 联合创始人

比特币在2018年末曾创下 100000 美元的高价,现在原困下跌幅度原困已达到 1000%,但你你这名 领域的发展似乎还在加速。Visa、花旗集团、纽约时报、Facebook 纷纷敲定进军区块链领域。

Bitcoin may be down 1000% from the $20,000 high it established in late-2018, but development in this space seems to only be ramping up. Visa, Citigroup, the New York Times, Facebook, have announced forays into the blockchain space.


Joseph Young


像比特币非要 真正去中心化的加密货币非要被监管或审查。

否则,政府原困真的想非要 做,公司就会没办法 做。


A truly decentralized cryptocurrency like bitcoin cannot be regulated or censored.

But, governments can make it difficult for companies if it really wanted.

Although it's not a popular opinion, I personally think bitcoin and central banks will coexist.





Bitcoin's assurances are available globally, not just locally. That infringes on what states have come to see as their natural privilege.


Lefteris Karapetsas

Raiden 核心开发者

我要我相信,不管每我人个在辩论中的立场怎样,以太坊社区都能以文明的辦法 辩论。否则,一切后会演变成一场闹哄哄的争吵,一帮人的社区将永远无法在重要的议题上有所进步。

I want to believe that the #ethereum community can argue in a civilized manner irrespective of everyone's stance on an argument. Otherwise everything devolves into a shouting competition and our community will never be able to go forward in any topic that matters.